JSC U-UARZ also offers services in delivery of the repair replacement tool, equipment and In the most picturesque corner of Russia, Transbaikalia, one of the oldest aircraft factories of our country – Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant is located. In sixty years at the enterprise release of the most various aircraft equipment which interested itself in the best way around the world was mastered.    

    The Mi-8 and Mi-171 helicopters created in Ulan-Ude received certificates of many countries and carry out tasks of transportation of passengers and freights in various climatic zones.

 In the early nineties on Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant ripened need of the organization of repair production for let out aeromechanics, caused by the changed economic conditions of activity of the enterprise, need of search of the new directions of a production activity, need for search of more perfect forms of development and approbation of the repair design documentation of the helicopters Mi-8AMT, Mi-171 created by the enterprise and others released by plant, and also dictated by the changed requirements of Customers connected with need of expansion of the sphere of the services provided to Buyers on delivered to aviation equipment. In February, 1994 repair of the Mi-8 helicopters and its modifications was begun.

By 2000 economic feasibility brought JSC U-UAZ to need of making decision on the organization of separate, mobile repair shop which structure would allow to satisfy quickly requirements and inquiries of the Customer under repair of aviation equipment, expanding with it a sales market of production released by aircraft factory.

 Since March 15, 2000 on the basis of shop of repair of Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant it was created and the independent enterprise – Ulan-Ude Aircraft Repair Plant Open joint stock company works.

The staff of plant at once began a hard work on development of intra corporate rules, creation of structure which would allow to satisfy quickly requirements and inquiries of the customer under repair of aviation equipment.

The Guides to activity and quality, Regulations on services of plant were created, system of the standards of the enterprise regulating all fields of activity of production and the personnel in the field of repair of the aircraft equipment and ensuring its quality the duty regulations regulating the rights and duties of officials and performers were also developed. The complex of the listed documents was regulatory base and a basis of the quality system.

In July, 2001 the plant successfully passed audit in certification bodies of Aviaregistr Mezhgosudarstvenny of aviation committee and System of certification on air transport and received the certificate of the repair organization.

 By this moment at plant the group of qualified specialists who could start maintenance of Mi-8 helicopters was created: from replacement of any components of the aircraft to the capital. Even before receipt of the first orders on

 the enterprise the system allowing to control quality of all operations at different stages was created. The management of JSC Ulan-Ude Aircraft Repair Plant set the task before collective to prevent appearance of defects when carrying out repair work.

In the first years of work the plant gradually mastered new kinds of activity, for example, the modernization of helicopters including modernization of a fuselage, completion of salon.

Now, for plant there is a problem of decrease in cost of repair. At the enterprise work on increase of a skill level of the personnel is conducted. On the basis of results of certification to workers certificates on the right of performance of work are issued.

 Along with repair and modernization of helicopters of JSC U-UARZ renders services in delivery of all nomenclature of spare parts and units of the Mi-8 helicopter and its modifications. Relations with manufacturers of components on which JSC U-UARZ represents the end user that allows to react quickly to demands of Customers are established and to pursue real price policy. For the fullest satisfaction of price and qualitative requirements of the Customer selection of spare parts is conducted in several directions:

 - existence in a warehouse of spare parts with the demanded resource parameters;

 - existence in a warehouse of a remfond of units, with the subsequent their repair;

 - selection and purchase of a remfond with the subsequent its repair.

 On the basis of the analysis of statistical data of repair of helicopters by specialists of plant the list of the spare parts which are the most often used and replaced at repair, including purchased components is created. On the basis of these data and data of postcorrective guarantee maintenance of helicopters the optimum stock of details, knots and units in a warehouse of plant is constantly supported.

Except deliveries of spare parts to helicopters, JSC U-UARZ offers services in delivery of the repair replacement tool, the equipment and adaptations, control and test equipments used for service of helicopters.

    Such is still short history of the Ulan-Ude aircraft repair plant, its opportunity, problem and task facing it and the directions of their decision. We hope that stated will interest potential Customers in the report, will expand a circle of our communication with potential consumers of our production and services.