Helicopter service


      Mi-8T helicopter (and its modifications) is medium multi-purpose helicopter which is used for passenger and cargo transportation. Equipped with external load, the helicopter used for cargo transportation up to 3 tons. Special winch, fixed outside the fuselage, can lift a weight of 150 kgEquipped with overflow system, Mi-8T can be used for extinguishing fires.

      Mi-8T helicopters are widely known in the world. Mi-8T helicopter was the base for creating a new type of Mi-8MT/Mi-17helicopters with TV3-117MT engine and VR-14 gearboxNowadays, the production of the Mi-8T is discontinued.


Mi-8AMT/Mi-171 helicopter is multi-purpose helicopter used for passenger and cargo transportation. Mi-8AMT/Mi-171 helicopter with TV3-117VM engine and VR-14 gearbox is a modern version of Mi-8MT/Mi-17 helicopter. The helicopter is intended for a wide range of tasks: passengers and cargo transportation inside the cabin as well as cargo transportation on the external load of up to four tons, search and rescue operations, medical evacuations. Mi-171 helicopters can be equipped with LPG-150 winch load of 150 kg in the left sliding door cargo cabin and SLG-300 system carrying capacity of 300 kg in the right one. The helicopter can be equipped with extra fuel tanks within the cargo compartment, and outside of the fuselage. Equipped with weather radar, the helicopter can be used in the dark. Nowadays various types of Mi-8AMT/Mi-171 helicopter are produced. Mi-8AMT/Mi-171 helicopter h as a type certificate in Russia; it is recognized in China, Slovakia and other countries.


Mi-8 MTV-1 / Mi-17-1V multi-purpose helicopter


Mi-8MTV-1/Mi-17-1V helicopter is a version of multi-purpose Mi-8MT/Mi-17 helicopter. The main improvement of the helicopter is the new power plant consisting of two TV3-117VM turbo shaft engines rated at 1900 hp (in case of failure of one engine, the second can be used in emergency situation with capacity of 2,200 horsepower, which provides horizontal flight) and auxiliary power unit - AI-9V, giving an opportunity of helicopters autonomous use in all climate conditions. In order to increase helicopter operational range, one or two additional fuel tanks can be installed in the cargo cabin. Radio navigation equipment enables the helicopter to fly in the dark.

The helicopter can be equipped with medical equipment and used as a mobile hospital to provide immediate assistance to people, including operations in the field.




JSC “Ulan-Ude aviation repair plant” carries out the overhaul and maintenance of Mi-8T, Mi-8AMT, Mi-171, Mi-8MTV-1, Mi-17-1V, Mi-8P, Mi-8PS helicopters.

During overhaul works of helicopters obligatory resource bulletins are performed. The bulletins, updating of which do not influence operational safety, are carried out according to the customer’s demands.

      The software, engineered by the technological bureau of JSC “U-UARP”, has considerably expedited the operation documentation processing by accepting helicopters in repair; the opportunity of commitment an error during documentation processing has decreased; the helicopter deadline for Customers has reduced.

       During documentation processing the Plant takes into consideration the Customer’s requirements concerning the installation of components, life time and operation period of which are less than life time between overhaul and lifetime renewal. These components are provided with warning lists for each particular helicopter. Helicopter overhaul is carried out according to the Civil Aviation State Standards, designer’s and producer’s documentation.

Helicopter life time and service period after overhaul are established in compliance with the log-book data, Civil Aviation State Standards and bulletins. Repaired helicopters are provided with guaranteed life time and operation period in accordance with technical documentation requirements and contract terms and conditions.

During guaranteed life time or operation period JSC “U-UARP” provides such services as repair or replacement of failed components, search and elimination of damages.

During the period of operation between overhauls the enterprise provides the following services according to Customer’s request: supply of spare parts, updating and re-equipment of helicopters.

During the period of overhaul and operation of repaired helicopters the Customer is provided with services connected with JSC “U-UARP” participation in extension of aircraft life time and operation time of repaired aircraft in compliance with the established order.

To reduce overhaul prime cost the Plant is working out special manufacture methods and manufacture control documentation. JSC “U-UARP” is also introducing new methods of overhaul, components testing and restoration of corrosion-resistant coating.





JSC “Ulan-Ude aviation repair plant” provides helicopter updating according to Customer’s requests. This updating includes:


  1. Updating of the fuselage.

The updating includes helicopter adaptation for transporting of passenger in high comfort conditions - increasing of thecompartment interior and installation of the shortened wings, door-trap equipment, installation of rectangular, emergency exitsincreased size.


  1. Upgrading of the fuel system.

installation of 6 external extra fuel tanks with a total capacity of 2,600 liters (4x450 l + 2x400 l);

installation of external fuel tank with increased capacity on the left board of a helicopter (1390 l instead of 1140 l).

installation of two external extra fuel tanks;

8AT-6102-100 (200) external fuel tanks replacement with tank with increased capacity (1130 l and 1140 l).


3. Upgrading of helicopter interior

The passenger cabin can be made in various in size. Air conditioning system, kitchen section with a boiler and oven, wardrobe and lavatory can be installed in the passenger cabin.


4. Upgrading of landing transport equipment

      Installation of external load up to 4 tons

      Installation of airboard boom with winch SLG-300.
      Installation of airboard boom with winch LPG-150.


5. Upgrading of power unit

TV3-117MT engines on Mi-8MT helicopters can be substituted for TV3-117VM engines. In this case Mi-8MT helicopter reaches altitude and carrying capacity characteristics of Mi-8MTV one.


  1. Upgrading of electro-, radio- and aviation equipment

The updating includes 12CAM-28 accumulator replacement with VARTA batteries, reserve radio station ORLAN-85 ST installation, installation of  satellite navigation.


  1. Upgrading according to bulletins

Improvements of the bulletins approved by Aviation administration can be produced on Mi-8, Mi-8AMT, Mi-171, Mi-8 MTV-1, Mi-17-1V helicopters.


Spare parts delivery


   JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Repair Plant" is implementing a comprehensive supply of spare parts for Mi-8/171/MTV helicopters and their modifications. The experience of JSC “U-UARP” specialists enables to meet the needs of operators Mi-8/171 helicopters.

        Delivery of spare parts, fasteners, consumables required for the replacement of components during helicopter operation is carried out. JSC “U-UARP” can purchase the necessary parts, units and promptly replace the defective items of helicopters, located virtually anywhere in the world. JSC “U-UARP” has permanent contracts with leading companies of Russia.